Volunteer Driver Forum Series available as on-demand training

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The 2020-2021 Volunteer Driver Virtual Forum Series wrapped up this month and is now available as on-demand training.

This series, convened and sponsored by MCOTA in partnership with the Minnesota Volunteer Driver Coalition, attracted volunteer driver program administrators, volunteer drivers, riders, funders, transportation policy advocates, and transportation stakeholders.

Each live forum drew an average of 110 attendees from nearly 300 registrants from every Minnesota county, from tribal nations in Minnesota and Montana, and from across the United States.

Many attendees expressed appreciation for the information presented, particularly because of its usefulness in support of the services they provide. "The information was well organized and plainly stated," one participant shared, echoing the comments of several others. "It was really applicable to my rural community."

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This virtual forum series was convened and sponsored by the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access in partnership with the Minnesota Volunteer Driver Coalition. The events were held from November 2020 through June 2021. The recordings are available for on-demand viewing and training sessions, and include captions and ASL interpretation.

Series Recordings

Policy and Legislation

Nuts and Bolts of Volunteer Driver Programs

Disability and Diversity Training

Best Practices Training for Volunteer Drivers