Expert offers tips for recruiting volunteer drivers

Martin Lepak

Martin Lepak, expert recruiter for the Arrowhead Transit Volunteer Driver Program, shared tips and tools for recruiting volunteer drivers during the January 20 forum in the Minnesota's Road to Volunteer Drivers Virtual Forum Series.

"Good recruitment requires a combination of different contact methods, techniques, and they differ from locality to locality," he said.

Lepak estimated the effectiveness of the various marketing channels he uses in his recruitment efforts by determining the share of volunteer drivers each channel produces:

  • Auctions, swap meets, yard and garage sales (20%)
  • Personal meetings and referrals (20%)
  • Radio and television ads (20%)
  • Personal contact at home shows and job fairs (15%)
  • Printed media, including local paper, fliers, and pamphlets (15%)
  • Digital advertising (10%)

Lepak also identified senior centers, restaurants, car washes, and automotive repair facilities as good public locations for posters and fliers. In addition, he recommended seeking volunteer drivers at service clubs, civic and religious groups, and local boards or committees, and attending local gatherings where people enjoy socializing, such as lake associations, picnics, sporting events, garage and yard sales, and art and craft shows.

"The importance of personal contact is unbelievable," he said. "Personal contact is by far the most essential item."

Finally, Lepak shared the Arrowhead drivers packet with forms and policies, which is posted on the event web page along with the event recording.