2021 MCOTA Annual Report published

MCOTA 2021 Annual Report cover

This year's annual legislative report, which is now available for download, highlights the impact of MCOTA and its partners on Minnesotans during the pandemic. The report details MCOTA work to enhance volunteer driver programs, leverage technology to quantify gaps in service, and expand transportation access at regional and local levels.

During the pandemic, MCOTA members and partners created special transportation options to serve individuals throughout the state, such as transporting COVID patients, bringing mobile vaccinations to underserved communities, and delivering food to those in need.

MCOTA also worked to promote transportation access by:

  • Successfully advocating with a coalition of partners for new legislation to strengthen volunteer driver programs. Two key statutes were passed: 1) clearly defining a volunteer driver as “not-for-hire,” and 2) creating a state income tax subtraction for volunteer drivers to reduce their tax liability in Minnesota.
  • Presenting a webinar series on the importance of volunteer drivers in Minnesota, which included best practices for establishing and running volunteer driver programs.
  • Spotlighting work by regional transportation coordinating councils (RTCCs) and transportation coordination assistance projects (TCAPs) throughout the state.
  • Enhancing relationships through work teams and communication activities, including a new website.

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