Region Five RTCC: Promoting the value of volunteer drivers and regional transportation connections

Washington County Food Pack Delivery Partnership (Fall 2021) report cover

The Region Five RTCC produced two new videos to help recruit volunteer drivers and increase awareness of regional transportation connections.

Stakeholders contributed to both video projects. “Stakeholder involvement was key in getting the right information in the videos since they have firsthand experience with both video topics,” said Matt Kallroos, regional development planner. 

The volunteer driver recruitment video focuses on encouraging more people to sign up or return to volunteer driving with the advance of COVID-19 vaccines. “The Region Five RTCC region is unique because of Cass County, which has no public transportation,” Kallroos said. “This is a major need in the region as volunteer driver programs are heavily leaned on.”

The second video looks at regional transportation connections and shows the ways community members in the region can make use of multiple transportation options to reach their destination. “This idea was seen as another step toward a transportation management coordination center by stakeholders,” he added.