New state laws improve transportation access

closeup of capitol building

The Minnesota 2023 legislative session ended on May 23, 2023. In addition to a wide range of bills related to transportation funding, climate change, and housing accessibility, following are several bills specific to transportation accessibility and coordination that passed this session.

  • Metro Mobility Enhancement Pilot Program: Metropolitan Council must implement a pilot program to enhance the existing service levels of Metro Mobility and provide service outside of the current Metro Mobility hours of service, with a goal to provide services throughout the Metro Mobility service area until 10:00 p.m. (House File 2887)
  • A 10 percent increase for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) reimbursement rates for unassisted, assisted, and lift-equipped rides (SF 2934)
  • A fuel-adjustment for NEMT reimbursement rates when fuel costs exceed $3 per gallon, subject to federal approval (SF 2934)
  • Disabled-relative driver’s license for 15-year-olds (House File 2887)
  • Legal blindness as a qualifying condition for disability parking (House File 2887)

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