Northwest Regional Transportation Coordination Council

Seven northwestern Minnesota counties on map

The Northwest RTCC includes the counties of Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, Roseau.


The mission of the NWRTCC is to support improved access and options for transportation services in Northwestern MN through creative partnerships.


We work to identify gaps and generate new opportunities to improve transportation for disadvantaged populations. We build coalitions and create partnerships to meet those gaps.

Our primary goal is to gather transportation stakeholders in a variety of ways, to explore how the resources available can be shared and utilized most effectively. We support partnerships that help meet the gaps in transportation services by learning who has what to share, and who needs just that very thing. We do this by being at the table where local conversations are held and relationships built. There is no substitute for being there.

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The RTCC will support efforts for the wide range of transportation options in the region including public transportation, specialized transportation services, volunteer driver programs and informal opportunities. “Our role is to educate the public on the transportation services available and how to use them most effectively. We bring the regional concerns to the attention of MnDOT and MCOTA to help formulate statewide solutions.

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